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In accordance with Diocese of Pittsburgh and the State of Pennsylvania, St. Bernard parish and school volunteers that are in contact with minors (under age 18), need to complete the following requirements:

Step 1: Complete the Diocese of Pittsburgh application. The application can be found here. Before completing the actual application, you must register and set up a username and password. The access code is PROTECT. Once you are registered, complete the entire application, including the two online booklets and references. After completing the application, make sure to click submit.

Step 2: Complete the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance and Release. These need to be completed fully, including ANYONE you have lived with since 1975. The child abuse clearance can be found here.
Child abuse release can be found here.

Please submit both forms to the Safe Environment Coordinator. The application fee is currently waived for volunteers.

Step 3: Sign a FBI Fingerprinting Waiver or get Fingerprinted. If you have lived in the State of Pennsylvania consecutively for the past 19 years, and have not been convicted of a crime, you may sign a FBI Fingerprinting waiver in lieu of getting fingerprinted. This form can be found here.

If you do not meet the requirements for the waiver, you must fingerprinted by a Cogent site. To register to be fingerprinted, click here. There is a fee associated with this service that must be paid by the fingerprintee via credit card. Take a copy of the completed registration, along with either a driver’s license or Pennsylvania State issued ID to one of the following Cogent Centers:


Please send your registration number to the Safe Environment Coordinator. This number is needed to pull your official fingerprinting results.

Step Four: Attend a Protecting God’s Children Workshop.
Protecting God’s Children workshops can either be taken live or online. To complete the class online, please click here.
To Start, register and then complete the course. The certificate that is provided after completion needs to be turned in to the Safe Environment Coordinator. To see a list of upcoming live classes and register for a class, please click here.

Please turn in the certificate of completion to the Safe Environment Coorindator.

Step Five: Mandated Reporter Training This class only needs to be taken by individuals who have more than occasional contact with children. The people are:
All school volunteers
All other volunteers who are responsible for the welfare of a child or have regular contact with children
Altar server – Adult
Athletic coach/volunteer
Bus driver Cafeteria worker
Catechetical administrator
Catechist Catechist aid
Catholic committee on scouting leader/volunteer
All Clergy and Religious
• Deacon-permanent/transitional
• Diocesan bishops
• Diocesan priest incardinated in the Diocese and on assignment or retired in the Diocese
• Diocesan priest not incardinated in the Diocese, on assignment or in residence in the Diocese
• Seminarians
• Religious men and women on assignment in the Diocese
Childcare giver (e.g. cry room, pre-/afterschool program, babysitter, etc.)
Music ministry staff, paid and volunteer
Parish nurse
Parish safe environment coordinator
Parish social minister Pastoral associate/minister
Pastoral healthcare minister
Playground monitor
Preschool administrator/aid
Sacristan trainer – youth altar servers and/or lectors
School volunteers
School employees
Youth ministry volunteers

This is a 3 hour course that can either be taken online or live. To take the course online, click here. To find upcoming live courses, click here. After taking either version of the class, a certificate of completion must be turned into the Safe Environment Coordinator.

If you currently posses any of these clearances, you may submit copies that are less than 3 years old to the Safe Environment Coordinator.
For any questions, need of assistance or to submit paperwork, please contact:

Pamela Winkowski
Safe Environment Coordinator
311 Washington Rd
Pittsburgh PA 15216
412-561-3300 x 101