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St. Bernard Parish offers a program to make it much easier to fulfill your very generous gifts to our church: Our Sunday Visitor Through Our Sunday Visitor, you can make all of your contributions
to St. Bernard Parish via automatic payment from your checking account or credit card - just as you may do now with your mortgage, cable and other regular expenses. Our Sunday Visitor offers a
secure way for you to send, and our parish to receive, regular contributions – even when a vacation or business takes you out of town, or an illness prevents you from attending Mass.

You will continue to receive offertory envelopes on which there is a box that can be checked for on-line giving and can be placed in the offertory basket as a visible sign of your support.

For more information,
visit the Our Sunday Visitor website:www.osvonlinegiving.com  

If you have any further questions about the Our Sunday Visitor program, please contact the rectory office