There is an ongoing need for Catechists in our parish program in every grade level. As baptized Catholics, we need grow in our own faith and spirituality and share our faith with the next generation of Catholics.

What is a Catechist?
Anyone who is sharing and passing on our wonderful Catholic Faith is considered a catechist. The word “catechist” literally means “to echo.” A catechist echoes the Word of God to his/her young disciples. We do not teach a subject, we teach a life-style…the Catholic-Christian, life-style.

What qualification do I have to have to become a Catechist?
If you are a faith-filled individual, enjoy being with children, are dedicated to the Catholic faith, and feel that God is calling you to get more involved…you may be just the person we are looking for.

Do I need any training?
Your training will depend on your background. Most potential catechists do NOT have a degree in Education or religion or theology, therefore we will help you by offering simple workshops to introduce you to topics such as: Classroom Management, Lesson Planning, Prayer in the Classroom, etc. Throughout the year, classes will be offered on topics such as Creed, Sacraments, Morality and much more. You can choose to attend any number of training or enrichment sessions to further your own understanding of the faith and your skills as a catechist.

The Catechist Manuals are a tremendous help to the first time catechist. They are written specifically for those adult volunteers who have NO previous experience in Religious Education. The manuals offer creative ideas and tips for each lesson being presented. Once you learn how to navigate through the catechist manual, you can master this ministry.

Do I need to get any clearances?
YES. In order to insure the protection of ALL our parish children, we require our catechists to fill out several state and national clearance forms, including: Criminal and Child Abuse background checks. The parish will pay for these clearances if you are volunteering for our program. The Diocese of Pittsburgh also requires that each individual who works with children sign a Code of Pastoral Conduct and Cardinals Clause. These two forms state clearly what is considered appropriate behavior with children and youth. You must also attend a 3 hour workshop entitled: Protecting God’s Children. This workshop heightens your awareness of child abuse.

Who should I talk to about becoming a Catechist?
Please call our Director of Religious Education, Darcy Osby at 412.561.0199 or email at: